Our Story

Dream to Succeed foundation counts with dreamers of diverse disciplines.

Join us! Together, we open doors to success and happiness.


Who We Are

Colombia is a country with passionate people with a sense of belonging and capable of empirical and intellectual knowledge hungry for success.

Dream to Succeed Foundation is a non-profit organization sponsored by public, private and academic sectors connecing and developing Colombian professionals around the world to become leaders and entrepreneurs to increase job opportunities, reduce poverty and find happiness.


Why Are We Here

To improve economy and bring innovation where people are in the center of what we do. We are addressing the need of creating jobs opportunities.

To Unify us to share knowledge, create technological solutions, attract investors, global companies and to bring more job opportunities. There is a worldwide gap in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics resources, while Colombia counts with a large pool of STEM and Passionate Talent.


Our founder & CEO

When Sara was 9 years old, she met a person that believed in her and pushed her out of poverty by giving her a job and becoming her shodow and «professional» father. She learned how important it was to Dream in order to Succeed and now she wants to pass this forward to many others in Colombia and give them the chance to succeed in their own country giving a great contribution to our development and progress while enjoying their family, culture and wonderful place to live.


What is our Goal?

We believe in a better Colombia for everyone with knowlegeable, qualified and empowered talent waiting for job opportunities with fair compensation and benefirs after long journey in a class room to become great professionals and serve our country.

Our Projected Goals


Start-Ups in acceleration


prototypes in development


International partners


Supporting Universities


United Talents

How Is This Possible?

By Joining Forces Together. Our organization is formed of mentors, coaches, volunteers, influencers, alumns, partnerships, donations, Investors, companies interested on giving us a problem to innovate on.

Get Involved

Together, we open doors to success and happiness.