Industry 4.0, the fourth industry revolution, has brought advanced technologies shaping the way we do business, communicate, and connect with each other.   Now more than ever, Industry 4.0 and the suite of new technologies are enabling a digital transformation in the education sector. Dream to Succeed Foundation initiated a research on distance learning during the Covid-19 pandemic and this white paper presents a review on the current state or reality and propose an integrated distance learning solution with three intertwined domains:  people, processes, and technology. Many companies, schools, research centers, universities, local government, or department of education acknowledge that artificial intelligence, machine learning, Internet of things, virtual reality, cloud computing and other Industry 4.0 technologies are key components for an integrated distance learning solution.  A well-defined teaching and learning process and new mindset and skills from all personals involved will be required to improve the education system in a sustainable environment with continuous improvements to adapt to new norms. This white paper will serve as a framework for future development of similar integrated solutions with partnership with great companies to collaborate and implement a great and global solution

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